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Artist Statement

My work explores the relationship between reality and abstract form of expression, with glimpses of my cultural influence. Ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated by the minds ability to go beyond reality to imagine and create visuals or, tell stories and this led to transforming these visuals onto the canvas. 


It has since become a means to express my deepest thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and emotions by creating a conversation between color and texture.




She Signs her artwork as ST or Supreetha, and prefers to go by Supreetha Tiru

Artist Bio


Supreetha Tiru a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, who draws inspiration from nature and her surroundings. Her work is not restricted to any single subject or medium as she challenges herself to explore the realms of color, texture, and form.


She invests her time visualizing about an idea, then crystallizes it from start to finish in her mind before it’s lined out into canvas or paper. Apart from being an artist, her interest in capturing moments, visions, ideas, and thoughts brought her closer to photography. Her work explores and depicts both natural and abstract form of reality.


Supreetha currently works full time in a fast paced environment and is continuing to work towards her passion as an artist. To her creating art is a meditative and healing process, while doing so her goal is to create inspiring, engaging and thought-provoking work which will break the passivity of the spectator.



Want a personalized artwork?

I would love to work directly on a custom tailored piece that will fit your specific space, which can either be a bold statement piece or the one that blends into your home decor.

Just the way you want it!




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